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Home Selling Guide

Marketing Your Home...

Everyone knows that selling a home in today's real estate market is challenging. As a home seller, naturally you want "the best" meaning an agent that is going to give your home the competitive edge needed to become a successful home seller...right? Of course you do! Selecting the best agent means selecting a "home marketing expert" like Steve Hatfield.

Marketing homes is much more than simply placing an ad in the newspaper or showing a few pictures of them online. Marketing is a strategy...a whole package...meaning that it starts with peeking a buyer's interest enough to make them want to view your home in person, showing them the value of purchasing it when they actually do come by to see it and so on.

With over 20 years real estate experience, 15+ years experience advertising properties online via numerous web sites and a prior career in the marketing and advertising field, Steve Hatfield has the background, skills and tools in place to give your home the exposure it needs. He truly is a "home marketing expert" as you will see.

4 Internet Marketing: General
7 Virtual Video Tour/Multiple Photos
5 Internet Marketing: Agent Web Site(s)
6 Internet Marketing:
7 MLS Photos and Virtual Tour
7 Buyers on eMail List
8 Print Marketing
11 Feedback From Showings
11 Mediocre Marketing: Don't Become a Victim

View Steve's Home Marketing System.

Internet Marketing: General
The Internet is, by far, the most popular media used by today's buyers to find homes. As a result, it is very important that you hire an agent who knows how to effectively and properly use this media to give your home maximum exposure.

Unfortunately, many sellers hire an agent who claims to "advertise on their listings on Internet" when in fact, they really don't know how or don't have the systems in place to showcase them properly. You need to be a savvy consumer and do some research to make sure you get what you are paying for when you hire an agent to market and sell your home!

Steve Hatfield offers a very comprehensive online marketing plan. His goal is to put your home in front of as many buyers as possible via today's most popular media...the Internet. In addition, he takes a great deal of time to make sure his listings are presented online in an attractive way, with multiple photos / a virtual video tour, complete information and so on. With over 15 years experience advertising properties on the Internet, Steve understands what buyers want to see online. This knowledge and experience is invaluable to every home seller he represents.
Virtual Video Tour/Multiple Photos
Statistics show that nearly every one of today's home buyers won't even bother looking at a home online if it doesn't have multiple photos or a virtual tour. So if your agent doesn't provide this service, the majority of the homebuyers looking online will pass your home right up.

Caution: As a savvy home seller, you must review the quality of photos and virtual tours created by a prospective agent prior to hiring them to market your home. If they are of a poor quality, buyers will be turned off and will NOT want to look at your home because it looks unattractive online.

What you need to look for when reviewing an agent's work

Steve Hatfield always takes the extra time needed to enhance all the photos he displays online and produces very high quality Virtual Video Tours for his clients. Making your home looks its very best online is Steve's specialty.

Virtual Video Tour Example
Internet Marketing: Agent Web Site(s)
Steve Hatfield launched his first web site in 1995 and has been successfully marketing homes/properties online via his numerous web sites ever since. As the years have gone by, Steve has changed with the times, expanded his web presence and perfected his methods of Internet home marketing.

If the agent you are interviewing truly is serious about marketing your home online, they absolutely must own and operate at least one fully developed, in-depth, attractive, easy to navigate web site where buyers can view your home. But simply asking a prospective agent if they have a web site is not enough. Many agents claim to have their own web site when in fact they only have a page on another web site (like or their company web site) and that is not enough these days.

Very Important: You must carefully review an agent's web site before you hire them. You'll want to check the following items...
Is their "web site" just a page on a web site owned by someone else? If they don't have their own web site...look for another agent.
Is their web site attractive / easy to navigate? If it doesn't meet the attractive/easy to use criteria buyers may never get past the front page to find your home.
Is their web site easily found on search engines? A web site that nobody ever finds or visits is useless to you as it will never produce any prospective buyers.
How well do they feature their home listings? Is there detailed information about each home? Is there a Virtual Tour posted? Are the photos / virtual tour of a high quality? View Steve's Listings Online
Does the agent's web site require the user to fill out a form with their contact information prior to obtaining information? If so, many buyers won't provide their information and are going to move on to another source to find homes.
Those are just the basics of what to look for. Steve Hatfield keeps all of these points in mind with his online marketing because his goal is your sell your home!
Internet Marketing: is a heavily trafficked web site run by the National Association of Realtors®. All homes listed with a Realtor® are displayed on

The BIG difference that you need to be concerned about as a home seller is...
How will your agent feature your home on Agents have to pay extra to have your home featured on as a "Showcase Home Listing". This means that unless you hire an agent who has paid a fee to do this, your home will NOT be featured with multiple photos, a virtual tour or a custom detailed description.

Since most buyers pass up homes that don't have multiple photos or a virtual tour, you are really missing out if your home is not a "Showcase Home" on Plus, buyers can sort their search results showing homes with multiple photos or a virtual tour first. Again, without these features, you'll just be buried in the huge list somewhere.

Steve does pay a fee so that his client's homes will be featured on as "Showcase Home Listings".
MLS Photos and Virtual Tour
The local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in this area allows agents to post multiple photos and a virtual tour on the MLS system. This feature is free for agents to is amazing how many agents don't bother to do this.

For you as a seller, you definitely must have multiple photos and a virtual tour posted on the MLS because buyers recieve listings via email with this service. You wouldn't want them to pass your home up because it lacks photos or a virtual tour...right?

Steve Hatfield always posts multiple photos and a Virtual Video Tour on the MLS system for his listings. In addition, he makes sure to post the photos and tour within 24 hours of your home hitting the MLS. This is important for you because when you come up as a new listing, all the buyers that have seen everything else are going to get a copy of your listing. You definitely need to be dressed up and ready for the dance right from the get-go because you won't get a second chance!
Buyers on eMail List
When a buyer visits the listing page on any of Steve's web sites, they can can sign up to receive an email notification whenever he posts a new home listing.

As a result, Steve has a database of home buyers that are just waiting for the right home to come on the market. Could that new home listing be yours?

Print Marketing: Flyers, brochures, tent cards, newspaper
Outside Flyers...
It is important to have flyers in a box outside of your home. Some agents simply put a copy of the MLS information sheet in the box...this is not attractive and quite frankly, it is the easy way out for them. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you need a custom flyer. It doesn't need to be color, it just needs to attractive, easy to read and have enough information to peak the interest of a prospective buyer.

Color Brochures...
Buyers will often look at many homes at a time. If you want your home to stand out and have a chance of being remembered, a tri-fold color brochure is the way to go.

Tent Cards...
Steve calls these his "Silent Salespeople" because they just sit there silently around your home pointing out all of it's great features. You'll love them...but more importantly, buyer's love them and that is who we want to impress!

Newspaper Ads...
Have you looked at the classified section lately? It has dwindled down to practically nothing. And of course the reason is because of the overwhelming popularity of the Internet. Steve does periodically place an ad in a local newspaper however it is not a good source of buyers anymore. Times have changed, the way people search for homes has changed and Steve has changed so he can focus on what is going to put your home in front of the majority of the buyers.
Feedback From Showings
In this market, you definitely want to find out what buyers think of your home, its condition, your asking price, etc. Knowing these items will help you to make informed decisions and take any actions that are necessary to become or remain competitive.

Most agents try to call other agents for feedback...if they call at all. The fact is, you would be surprised how many agents make up ficticious feedback just to satisfy their sellers. How would you know if your agent is just making up ficticious feedback or don't!

Steve has the perfect solution!
He provides all of his sellers with a free online interface to view feedback that comes directly from agents that show your home. When an agent is scheduled to show your home, their information is logged into your account and then an email goes out to them asking them for feedback. When they respond, you get a copy via email and can log into your account to view it anytime. You may also run charts and graphs to track your feedback. You'll love it!
Mediocre Marketing: Don't Become a Victim
All agents and their companys are NOT the same. They don't work the same way, they don't offer the same services and they don't all have the same knowledge and/or experience. Selecting the best agent means selecting an agent like Steve Hatfield who has the knowledge, experience and extensive range of marketing services you need to get your home sold in today's challenging market.

Many agents talk a good game but when it comes right down to it, they just are full of "talk" and slide by doing the minimum hoping that they will "luck out" and your home will sell. If you buy in to their game, there is a good chance that you will become a victim of "Mediocre Marketing".

Steve, on the other hand, takes an aggressive, proactive approach to marketing homes and focuses on quality rather than quanitity. When you hire Steve to market your home you'll immediately see that his approach to marketing as well as his range and quality of marketing services is second to none in this area.

The bottom line is that if you are serious about selling your home, Steve is serious about working hard for you in an effort to get your home SOLD!

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